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Stage 1

The 1st Stage in our System is a Dry Sanding technique used to eliminate oxidation on the headlights.

In this process, a sanding block or orbital sander is used along with different grits of sandpaper to carefully sand down the rock chips and oxidation layer on the headlights surface.

The process of Dry Sanding the headlights while being effective, requires precision, knowledge on the subject of sandpaper grits, it's many uses and the effects on the many varieties of headlight material such as Silica, Borosilicate Glass, Acrylic, Polycarbonate (75% of today's modern Vehicles) and many others.

stage 2

Stage 2 is Cut & Polish w /liquid abrasive, a technique we use to restore the clarity and brightness of headlights that become cloudy or yellowed due to oxidation or other environmental factors.

When polishing, the abrasive particles in the compound

work to remove the damaged layer of the headlight

surface, revealing a fresh layer of clear plastic below.

Thus, improving visibility as well as refreshing the vehicles appearance. It's important to note that while polishing with

a compound can be effective in restoring headlights to their previous condition, it's also important to maintain them by keeping them clean and protected from further damage.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is the UV Protectant & Sealing process in the restoration.

Following the Cut & Polish using abrasive is the Sealant

phase. This conclusion is the last phase and

considered the cherry on top in our 3-Stage

restoration system. This process Utilizes UV

protectant liquid to prevent oxidation, rock chipping.

The Ceramic Seal acts as an invisible Film which shields the Lens from any of the roads elements due to driving

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